We all have to grow up and adult at some point in our lives and we are generally conditioned into what we think we need to become. This was me climbing the corporate ladder running national and international technical support centres, making lots of money, getting married, buying a house and having children.
Who can relate to this?
Now, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with this as I’m sure it provides most people with security and contentment. All of those goals were achieved except becoming a mother as the universe seemed to have other plans for me, but I will say this – when I achieved all of these goals that I perceived would make me feel good about myself and successful in the eyes of others, I have to say I had never been so unhappy with my life.
So what was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I be happy?
It took a good many years to figure this out.

The answer is NOTHING! There is nothing wrong with me. I simply was not living congruently with who I really am.

To leave a world of security and financial freedom and do what you feel is your soul’s purpose is petrifying but I am drawing from my strength and courage to finally grow up and not hide my purpose anymore.
So when I look in the mirror, who do I really see?
I am a healer and educator and I have created Koru Holistic Wellbeing as a means of being able to help you relax, rebalance and rejuvenate using some amazing modalities that are non-invasive, yet very powerful. I love to empower people and this is something I am very blessed to have been able to do all throughout my career in management.  Now I am focusing this passion to you and offering events and retreats that will help you be the best version of yourself.

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