In July I’m Loving….Prosperity. Are you feeling worthy enough?

Have you been hearing terms like manifesting, abundance and prosperity a lot in your life lately?

Would you like to set the intention to manifest more abundance and prosperity into your life but something “always” gets in the way?

Do you have self-limiting beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “That will never happen for me”?

The underlying cause of self-limiting beliefs (also known as self-sabotage) in a person’s life is undoubtedly not feeling worthy enough. We tend to create unnecessary drama or obstacles that prevent us from blossoming into our full potential.

Some people love to shift the blame onto their parents, their circumstances or whatever to justify this empty experience of not allowing themselves to feel worthy enough to receive all good things. I have to be honest with you, I spent a very big part of my life blaming my mother for the way she treated me growing up…

I want to be a doctor when I grow up! Mother’s reply “You are too stupid to be a doctor”

I want to be an actor when I grow up! Mother’s reply “You are too ugly to be an actor”

It didn’t really matter what I wanted to be, I always received a negative retort. In my adult life I spent the most part over-achieving my goals to prove my mother wrong about me! Sure I have nice things but at the same time I was so unhappy and literally burning out.

I put my big girl pants on and made a decision that my childhood and relationship with my mother should not define me. I am worthy of abundance and prosperity and I just need to get out of my own way to have all that I was destined to have

If you can relate to this or have ever been told you are not worthy or good enough, please know that it is something you can totally rise above.

So why am I loving Prosperity in July?

At the beginning of every year, I pull out one of my Doreen Virtue (PhD) packs of oracle cards and randomly select a card for each month and then write them in my diary for the year ahead.

For July 2016 I pulled Prosperity which belongs to Archangel Ariel. For those who don’t know, Archangel Arial is involved with magic which means instant manifestation of the highest will.

“Your material needs are provided as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality.”

Having quit my fulltime job (back in April) and are heading off on a cruise this month I have been constantly checking the bank balance, limiting spending (even though I have just started Koru Holistic Wellbeing), saving spending money… all habits stemming out of fear.

Once I realised I was operating from a place of fear and self-doubt I put the brakes on that
sh!t pretty quickly and reminded myself of what July represented for me according to the Archangels.

When I stopped doing those things and trusted that the money will be available when I needed it, BOOM! There it is! I have an influx of clients, money coming back to me in various ways and of course in Australia it is tax time which usually means a refund…Thank you very much!

Now I can hear you saying but Beck, I visualise all of the things I want and ooze gratitude from the core of my soul, but there seems to be a block in the flow of abundance as the things I am asking for aren’t materialising.

The key thing I learnt about manifesting prosperity and abundance is


Give Yourself Permission to Shine!

Understand and affirm that you are allowed to live life on your own terms. Just as I have learned, you have nothing to prove to anyone and you don’t have to keep yourself bent out of shape just to make other people feel comfortable. You must first give yourself permission to step out of the shadows and feel that you DESERVE the things you desire in your life.

So repeat after me, “I AM WORTHY”. Now say it again, and again. Keep saying it over and over until your brain is rewired, your heart beats with inspiration and your cells beam with excitement for the future. The more you say it, the more the magic will be unlocked. Try it.

Make a commitment to energy management!

Remember those physics lessons about atoms in school? Everything in this entire Universe is made up of an energetic frequency. The way things show up in a person’s life are a direct reflection of energy. When you begin to see and feel energy this way then life really becomes interesting and exciting.

You need to commit to holding a steady frequency in your heart that helps during your times of doubt, weakness or frustration. Be prepared to meditate when you feel like crying. Write in your journal when you feel sad. And also feed your body foods that will nourish your soul instead of weakening your connection to the life force.

Be clear about your intentions and remember that the Universe will always have your back!

So many people set intentions and then wonder why the things that they didn’t really want begin to appear in their lives. When you set your intentions in conjunction with starting to feel worthy then you need to be open to all possibilities. Everything that shows up usually happens in divine timing for the perfect reason. If it showed up then it was meant for you.

Sometimes the things that show up are just stepping stones to help on your journey of growth. Your job is to trust that whatever shows up has been meticulously planned by your higher self and the cosmic forces of the Universe for the development of your soul. The Universe will never throw something at you that you can’t handle. So when you think you have hit rock bottom you needed to be there for a reason in your divine life plan. (I know that is hard to swallow, but believe me it is true!)
Throw love (and forgiveness if needed) from your heart into the situation, be GRATEFUL for the lessons, and like a butterfly, watch your wings unfurl ready for flight in your new chapter.

Love & Light

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