AromaTouch Technique


AromaTouch® Technique is a gentle yet powerful massage which uses eight dōTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils to penetrate deeply along the body’s energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet. You will gain what healing is needed at that moment in time, as the body is brought back to a place of balance, leaving you feeling very centred and calm. Regular treatments are also a great way to support the body to restore balance, promote relaxation, boost immune-system function, increase circulation, and detoxification.

AromaTouch Technique Treatment $85 (60 mins)
Delight your senses with 8 dōTERRA essential oils that are gently massaged onto the back, neck and feet.

AromaTouch Technique Treatment w/ Hands $120 (90 mins)
Include your hands in your AromaTouch treatment for additional health benefits.

AromaTouch Technique w/ Chakra Balancing $120 (90 mins)
Add a Chakra Balancing to your AromaTouch Technique treatment.