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Can Reiki Help You?

People often ask me if Reiki healing can help this, that, or the other problem — everything from cancer to diabetes to insomnia, stress, or their connection to Spirit; the list seems endless. Some people want to heal a relationship, bring back a lost love, or improve their bank balance.

We are all looking for solutions for what causes us pain, whether it is life circumstances, broken relationships or medical problems. And it doesn’t help that we often suffer from not just one, but many problems, which may or may not seem related, causing us to feel frustrated, depleted, overwhelmed, without hope.

And you wonder, can Reiki healing help me?

Yes, Reiki healing can help you, and here’s why.

It all begins with feeling better.

Feeling better means you think clearly, recognize priorities, feel motivated to do what you can do — and let the rest of the SH!T go! When we get into a state of overwhelm we tend to lose sight of what is important and just shut down.

Addressing isolated symptoms is also not enough to help you feel better, and pharmaceutical approaches to symptoms and conditions can actually make you feel worse, even when they are helping.

To feel better, you need to step back from the details and bring balance to your overall system.

Reiki healing is balancing

Reiki healing quickly returns you to your natural state, or at least gets your body moving in the right direction – meaning your breathing, heart rate and blood pressure improve. These improvements indicate your body is moving into parasympathetic nervous system dominance. That’s a good thing; your body was made to function primarily in the composed PNS state, also known as the rest/digest phase. The counterpart to the parasympathetic nervous system is the sympathetic nervous system also known as the fight/flight phase.

Why balance is so important to our health

Rest/digest doesn’t mean you have to stop being active and productive. Yes, you will sleep better and digest better — functions critical to maintaining health. But when you’re not sleeping or digesting, you can be active and productive without being stressed.

When the body is in parasympathetic nervous system dominance it functions optimally, and at a sustainable pace, so you can avoid exhaustion and burnout. It’s like working for a benevolent boss who brings out the best in you and trusts you to take breaks as needed. Sadly, many of us are reacting to a very different, nasty inner boss…the one who tells us to run life’s marathon at a sprinter’s pace. We’re smart enough to know that doesn’t make any sense, and informed enough to know it is actually harmful, yet we don’t stop.

In fact, we don’t know how to stop.

We spend so much time in the stress-reactive sympathetic nervous system mode that our bodies literally forget how to switch gears and return to balance. Meanwhile, the damage piles up. We may choose healthful food, but we don’t digest it well enough to get the nourishment our cells crave. We fall into bed exhausted, but don’t get the deeply restorative sleep our bodies and minds so desperately need.

And we wonder why we’re not as happy and healthy as we want to be, why we lack a sense of meaning.

Reiki helps the body remember to heal.

The Reiki practice reminds our bodies how to shift into self-healing mode because no matter what you have to deal with keeping your body balanced helps you feel better and function better, which in turn keeps you feeling better. It’s a positive feedback loop.

Balance requires different self-adjustment for different people at different times — but it all starts with breathing, sleeping, and digesting better as 70% of our immune system is in our digestive tract.

Here are the most common benefits my clients have reported since I started practicing Reiki professionally in 2012

•Improved sleep

•Improved digestion

•Less anxiety

•Less pain

•Improved focus and memory

•Improvement in depressive symptoms

•Faster recovery from injuries and surgery

•Mood stabilisation

•Enhanced resilience to stress

•Improved self esteem

•Greater sense of meaning

To experience what a Reiki treatment can do for you request an appointment today.

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