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In May I’m Loving….Terrariums

Terrariums are back! See how these mini gardens can help boost your health and mood!

Once considered a relic of 70s styling, terrariums have now made a comeback. Housed in glass vessels these tiny gardens offer a quirky twist on traditional indoor plants. Plus, they’re also perfect for small spaces, allowing apartment dwellers to bring some of the wellness-boosting benefits of nature into their interior. We’re also big fans of them here in the Koru Holistic Wellbeing office, with Beck in particular being terrarium obsessed.

There have been many studies on the effects of plants on productivity, stress and air quality. Many of them prove the restorative and calming effects plants have on us. Plants are also a great way to personalise and decorate office spaces, improving satisfaction and air quality. This is extra important these days with many people working in windowless offices and homes with little or no garden.

What we love in particular about the Koru Holistic Wellbeing Energy Infused Terrariums is that they are also infused with love, light and energy as each one comes with a crystal, sharing its metaphysical properties with the space, plant and owner and they are usually paired with one of the body’s energy centres. Whilst they are in the care of Koru Holistic Wellbeing, they also receive a daily Reiki Burst to keep them healthy and vibrant on a cellular level.

Can plants receive Reiki Energy too? Absolutely!
Anything that has living cells can receive the benefits of Reiki’s Universal Life Energy.

How much maintenance is required to care for your terrarium?
Koru Holistic Wellbeing’s Energy Infused Terrariums are easy to look after as they consist of air plants or succulents.

Air plants draw moisture and nutrients from their leaves as they do not have a root system, meaning all that they require to be healthy is light, air and a slight misting of water. From late Spring to mid-Autumn, mist daily and in Winter, mist only once or twice a week. Although air plants don’t have a root system if they are sitting in water they will rot.
Succulents are best known for their ability to live long periods without water and hold water in their leaves or roots acting as a reservoir. Like air plants they don’t like being over watered and should only be misted when the soil feel dry.

Whether you have an air plant or succulent terrarium, both should be positioned where they will receive indirect sunlight or under fluorescent home/office lighting

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