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In September I’m Loving…..The Spring Clean!

In September I’m Loving…..The Spring Clean! And I am NOT just talking about your home. I am talking about your energy, your thoughts, your things and your health.

Spring has sprung and it is time to shed the winter hibernation clutter from all of these areas so we can clear the energy and create space for the new to flow in.

I have a confession to make. It is the last day of September and here I am still trying to push out this blog. Here’s what happened…..

I started mapping out the content for decluttering and an area that everyone should look at is relationships. I had literally typed (in my draft),

“get rid of the relationships that no longer serve you or bring you joy.”

When I had pressed enter, it felt like I was kicked in the stomach and started to feel a little (OK! A lot) icky. Was it something I ate?? Nope, breakfast was hours ago. So why the major anxiety straight after writing that line? After some meditation I didn’t get the answer. However after a Reiki treatment I got the word “hypocrite” repeated several times.

You see my business, my blogs, my messages, my friendships, everything comes from being my authentic self. And part of that authenticity is walking my talk! So over the last 2 weeks, I have been in a state of cleansing and working on what can be healed and what can not. I have some pretty big decisions to make, but I trust in my strength and that the Universe always has my back. If I jump off that 20m diving board I trust that I’m going to do the perfect dive for me and my life. And if I fuck it up and belly flop I know it will burn like hell, but I’m not going to die, right?

So here is how the original post for ‘In September I’m Lovin’…..’ was meant to look. Ask yourself the hard questions….”What is it that I need to declutter from my life?” “What aspects of my life (or home or things, etc) no longer serve me or bring me joy?”

Spring has sprung and it is time to shed the winter hibernation clutter from all of these areas so we can clear the energy and create space for the new to flow in.

Let’s face it, discarding is hard for most of us. We have built memories or beliefs around our ‘things’ and attachments (healthy or otherwise) have formed. For me personally, I have always lived by the mantra

“If I haven’t used it in 12 months I will donate, sell it or trash it.”

Think of it like this, to get the energy flowing in your life, start with decluttering your environment by  make sure that all of the things in your home have their own designated space. Your home or office should be a sanctuary for your soul. It should be a harmonious space that invites you to think clearly, instead of feeling overwhelmed by clutter. The magic and flow that occurs when you sit, meditate, work, sleep, and cook in a space that is organised is Zen-like, motivating and inspiring.

So to help make this process easier, I recommend diffusing dōTERRA’s cleansing blend ‘Purify’ to support you in releasing the old to bring in the new, and  start by sorting out your cupboards and closets (let’s face – this is where most of the stuff that you don’t touch is hidden, right?) and either donate, sell or trash the things you no longer use and need.

Let’s take this one step further and declutter our wallets and purses. I mean seriously! How many freaking receipts and expired coupons can one person have in their wallet/purse? Again, I am not too bad with this…actually to my detriment. Flybuys (Coles and affiliate frequent shopper program) send me out little tear off coupons for each week to scan when I do my groceries. Not to mention extra discounts on the bottom of shopping receipts. I EVEN go to the trouble of tearing them off and leaving them out so I won’t forget to use them. Of course, I forget to use them….or I am so efficient in my decluttering that I see them as rubbish and throw them out! But what’s worse is sometimes I do actually stick them in my purse and forget all about them!

Flybuys please just link my coupons to my card for the love of God!

In what seems a life time ago, I used to manage a retail boutique and the amount times a woman has gone to pay me cash and a wad of crinkled, screwed up pieces of paper will usually follow. I mean come on already!

Here’s the thing, money is energy. All things are energy. Some energy serves you and brings you joy (definitely money) and other’s don’t like your screwed up bits of paper. So what I’m proposing is go through your purse, wallet and handbag and get rid of the junk…including that dirty tissue that you used to wipe little Johnny’s nose the other day.

You might also want to line up your money so that it’s ordered. (Ok, that’s really my OCD talking here.) But seriously, when you show your money some love and allow it to sit in a decluttered space that is clear then you open the channels for prosperity to flow into your reality.

As a side note….you can see I am avoiding the big one here can’t you…….

Winter tends to have us bunkered down in warm clothes, staying indoors, or driving everywhere cause it’s too freaking cold or wet to walk, we are cooking more hearty meals to nourish our souls and sometimes the waistline, which brings me to our health. In a perfect world, we would be exercising everyday, eating according to the seasons, and doing all of the things intuitively to nurture and nourish our minds, bodies and souls. Your body is your temple and in this lifetime you will only ever get the one you are in, so this is why it’s so important to declutter your lifestyle habits to allow space for vibrant health.

A fantastic way to start decluttering your health is to increase your intake of water and as the weather warms up, start increasing your movement. Get pushy, pully and bendy and just move and start going for those early morning walks at sunrise to soak in the sun’s magnificent greeting for the new day that you get to experience.

Other great hints are cleaning out your fridge and pantry and remove all of the items that will only add toxins to your body. Your new mindset needs to be will this nourish me or poison me?  Set yourself up for success by removing the things that you crave such as sugary treats and salty snacks – all of the shit that is going to poison you!  Keep your chocolate though… always need chocolate…but not the fake rubbish on the supermarket shelves. Go to Wrays Organics or Flannery’s or better yet make your own raw chocolate made with cacoa…the really good stuff that will give you a natural high.

And lastly, you will need to put your BIG GIRL (or BOY) PANTS on and look at your relationships. ALL of them. I’m talking your friends, your family, your work colleagues, and your partners.

The relationships you choose to have in your life have the ability to lift you up or tear you down. If there is one thing I have learnt in this life is that LIFE IS SHORT! Too short to be spent unhappy in a workplace that undervalues you or your simply HATE or a partnership that you have bent yourself out of shape to belong in. Allow yourself to shine in your brightest possible life by connecting to your Divine potential that lies in discovering who YOU really are. Surround yourself with positive people who align with what you really stand for, what your values are, what your passions are, what your vision for your life is because this is where the MAGIC happens. Your energy will vibrate at a higher frequency meaning when we are in high vibration we cope with life’s challenges with ease, we strengthen our immune system, we clear out negative and redundant beliefs and systems that keep us stuck in those relationships that no longer serve us or bring us joy. Let the toxicity go! You don’t need it! You are deserving of so much JOY! You are worthy of so much JOY! It is your Divine birthright to experience so much JOY!

So get decluttering….this blog may have hit your screens on the last day of September, however there are another 2 months left of Spring. So no excuses! Focus on one area at a time, unless like me you likes to rip the Band-Aid off in one go. There are some amazing dōTERRA essential oil blends to support you through this process. Decluttering is a beautiful opportunity to practice self care and self compassion – remember you are worthy and deserving of taking some time to cleanse, to heal, to process, to reprogram.

When you clear the spaces in your life, you raise your vibration, and this is how abundance naturally flows into your reality.

Love & Light,

Beck xx

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