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‘Release – Surrender and Receive’ Wednesday 26th October 2016



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One must first release to receive and make space for the new.

We as humans have a tendency to hold on things that no longer serve us or bring us joy, which essentially means that we are being weighted down with stuff we either don’t know how to release or perhaps for some reason we don’t want to release.

When we surrender and release those things (emotions, relationships, material things, etc.) we open the doorway to receive new things, things that do serve us and do bring us joy.

This workshop helps to increase energy and clam the mind, while the essential oils that we will be using assist in emotional healing, releasing stagnant energy, feelings or blockages.

Join us for this fun and interactive workshop where you will learn to let go of your ‘stuff’ that is keeping you stuck and we will fill you up with readiness to receive the new blessings that will come into your life!

Time: 7.30pm –



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