Reiki Level II


Reiki Level Two — Course Content

Reiki Level Two, traditionally referred to as Okuden and translating to “Inner teachings” or “The Direction”, enables you to practice Reiki professionally and includes distant healing methods. During this level of training you will deepen your connection to Reiki and a greater level of healing takes place in you and in those you are treating as you will be attuned to use the sacred Reiki symbols.

Reiki Level One revision

We go through aspects of Reiki Level One and clear any areas you may be unsure of.

Learn the names and uses of Reiki Symbols One, Two and Three

Deepen your connection to Reiki by using symbols which enhance your Reiki practice on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
One symbol enhances the power of Reiki, one helps you to restore balance on a mental and emotional level, and another is used to treat the past and to treat people at a distance.

Learn how to give distance Reiki treatments

In a group, during Reiki Level Two, you practice sending Reiki to one of your friends or family members. You can use Reiki on people who are in another room, another house or on the other side of the world!

An individual Reiki Level Two attunement

During this attunement you receive the Reiki symbols. These promote a deeper level of self-healing to take place in yourself and others.

Releasing the past with Reiki

Sometimes past events limit our ability to be happy in the present moment. In Reiki Level Two you learn techniques to help you effectively release the past which ultimately improves your current situation.

Clear spaces of unwanted energy

Learn and practice simple techniques that clear spaces of unwanted energy. Straight after the course you are able to cleanse your home and work places of stagnate energy.

Combining Reiki with Other Modalities

Learn how to incorporate Crystals and Essential Oils in your Reiki practice to balance the Chakras, Meditate and so much more.

Reiki in professional practice

You may wish to practice Reiki professionally or add Reiki as a complimentary modality to your existing toolbox. Enjoy receiving comprehensive information on how to conduct a professional Reiki treatment in a clinical practice.

Group Reiki

Giving and receiving Reiki in a group is a powerful experience both for recipients and practitioners as during group treatments the focus of Reiki is intensified.

A comprehensive manual and certificate

You will receive a comprehensive manual to take home which will become the perfect reference after the course. You also receive your certificate of completion of the Second Degree of Reiki.

Ongoing Support

Follow up support via email and phone will be available for you after each Reiki course and you are welcome to attend our Reiki meetup groups which are a great opportunity for you to share and receive Reiki.
You receive a 21 day e-course to further support your Reiki practice.

Group Classes & One to One Teaching

Group classes are kept to a maximum of 4 students to ensure that you receive individual support and attention.
If you can not make the dates listed below, please contact Beck on 0412 055 309 to arrange another time.