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Essential Oils

In June I’m Loving…dōTERRA’s grounding blend Balance®.

With its warm, woody aromas the dōTERRA Balance Essential Oil Blend promotes grounding and tranquillity. Upon opening the bottle my mind is dropping me in forest being swept up in the airy, fresh and woody with a hint of sweetness aromas that hit my nasal passage. Perfectly balanced with Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile, this creates the perfect blend for holistic mind-body balance. It also promotes circulation, emotional wellness and support health on a  ...

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Healthy Living

Can Reiki Help You?

People often ask me if Reiki healing can help this, that, or the other problem — everything from cancer to diabetes to insomnia, stress, or their connection to Spirit; the list seems endless. Some people want to heal a relationship, bring back a lost love, or improve their bank balance. We are all looking for solutions for what causes us pain, whether it is life circumstances, broken relationships or medical problems. And it doesn’t help that we often suffer from not just one, but many  ...

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